Sharon Zobali, UK

For me this treatment worked very well! I used it for both knees (mainly the right one). I followed everything that they taught me. Last year, my doctor told me that I have to have meniscus surgery. I’ve been using it for about a year. We postponed the Meniscus surgery because I feel better now. Also working as a photographer and using my knees a lot while doing my job, my creaking and endless pain complaints have definitely decreased. Initially, it started with temporary pain relief after the treatment sessions and now I am pain-free. Even if I need surgery in the future, I will definitely use it for the recovery process after the surgery. This Laser treatment has been effective for me. Increases the endorphin production so I don’t need to use painkillers most of the time.
The staff is extremely helpful, thanks 馃檪

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Prof. Daniel Reis, Orthopedic Surgeon, UK
“I think you will find a lot of patient satisfaction”
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Dr. Jo茫o Grangeiro, Chief Physician of the Brazilian Olympic Commitee
“It has a high efficacy tissue repair together with the pain
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Gary Fenton, Holistic Therapist, UK
“I know it works from personal experience.”
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